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Vol. 28. Issue. 2.
April 2008
Pages 123-238
Differences in the function of parathyroid peptides. What are we measuring?
Concepción de La Piedra, E. Fernández, M.ª L. González Casaus, E. González Parra
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:123-8
Short reviews
Hipertensive heart disease in the patient with chronic kidney disease
Javier Díez, C. Laviades
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:135-42
Editorial comments
Living donor renal transplant in Spain: a great opportunity
B. Domínguez-Gil, Julio Pascual
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:143-7
Lights and shadows in pregnancy and renal transplant
Luis M. Pallardó, J. F. Crespo
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:148-50
Report on the Status of dialysis and renal transplantation in Spain in 2005
Registro de Insuficiencia Renal Crónica en tratamiento sustitutivo d Sistema de Información de la Coordinación Autonómica de Trasplantes de Andalucía, Registro de Insuficiencia Renal Crónica en tratamiento sustitutivo d, Javier Arrieta Lezama, Gonzalo Gutiérrez Ávila, Inmaculada Moreno Alía, Tomás Sierra Yébenes, Carmen v, Ana María Olmos Linares, Raquel González, ... Ángela Magaz Lago
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:151-8
Why living-donor renal transplant yields better outcomes than cadaver renal transplant?
L. Guirado, Emili Vela Vallespín, M. Clèries, J. M. Díaz, C. Facundo, R. García-Maset
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:159-67
Use of aluminum-based phosphate-chelators in hemodialysis in the era of ultrapure water
M.ª Dolores Arenas Jiménez, T. Malek, M. T. Gil, A. Moledous, C. Núñez, F. Álvarez-Ude
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:168-73
Pregnancy in recipients of kidney transplantation: effects on the mother and the child
Joan Manuel Díaz Gómez, C. Canal, I. Giménez, L. Guirado, C. Facundo, R. Solà, J. Ballarín
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:174-7
The seroprevalence of HCV in Patients Submitted to Hemodialysis and Health Professionals in the State of Minas Gerais, Southwest of Brazil
J. M. M. Oliveira Penido, , , E. V. C. Caetano, , , ,
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:178-85
The relationship between comorbidity, anemia and response to erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in chronic hemodialysis
Sara Anaya Fernández, , , , , , ,
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:186-92
High-resolution consultation for hypertension. A one-year experience
A. Covarsí, P. González, A. Barrera, M. A. Suárez, S. Gallego, Inés Castellano Cerviño
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:193-7
Mesenteric ischemia in hemodialysis patients
Montserrat Picazo Sánchez, M. Cuxart, R. Sans, E. Expósito, C. Sardá
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:198-202
Polyoma virus in transplant recipients
Mara Medeiros, J. Alberú, G. R. García, Y. Fuentes, L. Velasquez
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:203-11
Case reports from nephropathology club
Renal failure due to light chain deposition disease
A. García Pérez, A. M. Ramos, V. Petkov, Marta Albalate, C. Caramelo, J. L. López Lorenzo, J. Aneiros, M. T. Miguel, A. Barat
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:212-5
Case reports
High blood pressure due to aortic coarctation and renal artery stenosis in a teenager with type 1 neurofibromatosis
R. Pardo, L. Somalo, Serafín Málaga Guerrero, F. Santos
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:216-7
Full term pregnancy after simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplantation
P. Gutiérrez, I. Martín-Mederos, M. Coloma, L. Pérez-Tamajón, José Manuel González-Posada, A. Alarcó, A. Bravo
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:218-21
Nephrology images
Chronic lumbar pain and urinary infections in a young woman
Maite Rivera, J. Ortuño, M.ª E. Rioja, F. J. Burgos
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:222-3
Letters to the editor
Aldosterone increases vascular calcification in in vitro studies
A. J. de Solís, F. R. González-Pacheco, J. J. P. Deudero, F. Neria, O. Calabia, R. Fernández-Sánchez, C. Caramelo
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:224-5
Small kidney in ANCA-positive renal vasculitis: a possible marker of subacute evolution
S. Alexandru, A. García-Pérez, C. Caramelo, J. Gómez
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:225-6
Severe calciphylaxis in a patient on dialysis, with a liver transplant and long evolution hypocalcaemia
María Jesús Camba Caride, J. J. Bravo López, R. Blanco García, M.ª Borrajo Prol, A. Iglesias
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:226-7
Is it necessary to measure anti-hepatitis B antibodies every six months instead of every twelve months in patients on hemodialysis?
Pedro Angelet Figa, M. T. Compte, C. Gallego, C. Aguilar
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:227-8
Hidden chronic kidney disease. A matter of decimals
Pedro Jesús Labrador Gómez, M. Jiménez, T. Mengotti, J. Labrador
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:228-9
Use of vascular polyurethane-urea prosthesis of the of the vectra type in a hemodialysis unit
Vicente Esteve Simó, M. Pou, M. Ramírez de Arellano, F. Latorre
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:229-30
Graves disease, drug-related hypothyroidism, and nephrotic syndrome due to minimal changes disease
Vicente Esteve Simó, N. Fontseré, A. Saurina, M. Ramírez de Arellano
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:230-1
Necrotizing fasciitis and acute renal failure in mesangiocapillary glomerulonephritis
R. Andino, Y. Hernández, F. Monasterio, Carmen Bernis
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:231-2
Wegener granulomatosis and cancer
Aránzazu Sastre López, V. Íñigo Vanrell, J. M. Gascó Company
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:232
Serum creatinine is a more useful tool for the evaluation of renal function in the ederly as than calculating the glomerular filtratio rate
Manuel Heras Benito, M. J. Fernández- Reyes, R. Sánchez Hernández, M. T. Guerrero Díaz
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:233
Special originals
Actuality of the use of acetazolamide as a diuretic: usefulness in refractory edema and in aldosteroneantagonist- related hyperkalemia
C. Caramelo, M. Albalate, Sonia Baldoví, A. Tejedor, Roberto Alcázar Arroyo, A. García Pérez, M. Marín
Nefrologia (English Version). 2008;28:234-8
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