Journal Information
Vol. 30. Issue. 2.
March 2010
Pages 143-269
Editorial comments
New methods for estimating glomerular filtration rate. Achieving more precision in diagnosing chronic kidney disease
Roberto Alcázar Arroyo, M. Albalate
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:143-6
Clearance dose in acute kidney injury
Francisco Javier Gainza de los Ríos, F. Liaño García
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:147-50
Short reviews
Implications outcome of chronic kidney disease in elderly
Manuel Heras Benito, M.J. Fernández-Reyes, R. Sánchez
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:151-7
Usefulness of imaging techniques in secondary hyperparathyroidism
José Vicente Torregrosa, I. Félez, D. Fuster
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:158-67
Design of a quality of life questionnaire in Spanish for children with chronic renal disease
Cristina Aparicio López, A. Fernández Escribano, A. Luque de Pablos, E. Izquierdo García, G. Garrido Cantanero
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:168-76
Measurement of health related quality of life in children with chronic kidney disease using a specific test. Influence of treatment
Cristina Aparicio López, A. Fernández Escribano, E. Izquierdo García, A. Luque de Pablos, E. Garrido Cantanero
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:177-84
Assessment of the new CKD-EPI equation to estimate the glomerular filtration rate
Rosario Montañés Bermúdez, J. Bover Sanjuán, A. Oliver Samper, J.A. Ballarín Castán, S. Gràcia García
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:185-94
Analysis of psychological factors influencing peritoneal dialysis selection
Esther Ponz Clemente, J. C. Martínez Ocaña, D. Marquina Parra, C. Blasco Cabañas, C. Grau Pueyo, N. Mañé Buixó, M. García García
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:195-201
Renal function evolution and progressive factors in nefrectomized patients
Isabel Juan García, M.J. Puchades, M.A. Solís, B. Pascual, I. Torregrosa, C. Ramos, M. González, A. Miguel
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:202-7
Kinetic studies with hypertonic glucose permit better identification of ultrafiltration failure. What is the contribution of sodium sieving?
María José Fernández-Reyes, , , , , , ,
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:208-13
Does methodology of Stewart-Fencl improve characterization of acid-base status in patients on hemodiafiltration?
Julio Hernández Jaras, I. Rico Salvador, E. Torregrosa de Juan, R. Pons Prades, A. Rius Peris, M.A. Fenollosa Segarra, J.J. Sánchez Canel, T. Carbajo Mateo
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:214-9
Bahia 2008 study: hydration barometer in the Spanish population
Grupo Investigador Bahia, ALM de Francisco, A. Martínez Castelao
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:220-6
Short originals
Measuring Kt by ionic dialysance is a useful tool for assessing dialysis dose in critical patients
Guillermo Javier Rosa Diez, , , , , , ,
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:227-31
Dialysis dose measurements of Kt by ionic dialisance reveals less dialysis adequacy than the Kt/VUREA-based method in critically ill patients with acute renal failure
N. Serra Cabañas, X. Barros Freiría, J. Garro Martínez, M. Blasco Pelicano, F. Maduell Canals, A. Torras Rabasa, Esteban Poch López de Briñas
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:232-5
Ebn: systematic reviews
Exercise in Hemodyalisis Patients: A literature systematic Review
Eva Segura-Ortí
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:236-46
Case reports
Acute lupus hemophagocytic syndrome: report of a case
Carlos Botelho, F. Ferrer, L. Francisco, P. Maia, T. Mendes, A. Carreira
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:247-51
Induction treatment by combining immunoglobulins, plasmapheresis and rituximab in hypersensitive patients receiving cadaveric renal allograft
J. Margarita Rufino Hernández, , , , , , ,
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:252-7
Letters to the editor - comments on published articles
Pulmonary toxicity associated with sirolimus following kidney transplantation: computed tomography findings
T. Davaus Gasparetto, Edson Marchiori, P. Menezes, G. Zanetti
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:259-60
Letters to the editor - brief papers about basic research or clinical experiences
Guillain-Barré syndrome in kidney transplant
Teresa García Álvarez, A. García Herrera, A. Mazuecos Blanca, C. Lancho Novillo
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:260-1
Letters to the editor - brief case reports
Effect of kidney transplant on ventricular dysfunction in a patient on haemodialysis
J.A. Quintanar Lartundo, Gema Fernández Fresnedo, B. Ruiz Delgado, M. Arias
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:261-2
Severe hypernatraemia, hyperphosphataemia, metabolic acidosis and renal failure secondary to the administration of cleansing enemas
G. Vega Tejedor, Carlos Ruiz-Zorrilla López, F.J. Soler González, R. Ruiz-Zorrilla López, F. Rodríguez Martín, A. Acebal Botín
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:262-3
Radiology image of lanthanum carbonate
Beatriz Diez Ojea, S. Medrano Martínez, M.A. Alonso Álvarez
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:263-4
Difficult to treat atrial fibrillation in a patient on haemodialysis
Juan Carlos González Oliva, A. Saurina i Solé, M. Pou Potau, K.R. Salas Gama, M. Ramírez de Arellano Serna
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:264-5
Haemospermia in malignant hypertension
Luis Quiñones Ortiz, A. Suárez Laurés, A. Pobes Martínez, A. Torres Lacalle
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:266
Myelinolysis or late-onset imbalance in dialysis
Luis Quiñones Ortiz, A. Suárez Laurés, A.J. Pérez Carvajal, A. Pobes
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:266-7
Primary cytomegalovirus infection causing a kidney transplant patient to develop cryoagglutinins and cryoglobulins
E.J. Fernández, Íngrid Auyanet Saavedra, R. Guerra, M.A. Pérez, E. Bosch, A. Ramírez, S. Suria, M.D. Checa
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:267-8
A case of p-ANCA positive vasculitis with associated pericardial effusion
Ana María Suárez Laurés, L. Quiñones, A. Torres, A. Pobes, R. Forascepi
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:268-9
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