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Vol. 30. Issue. 6.
November 2010
Pages 599-714
Editorial comments
The treatment of diabetic patients on peritoneal dialysis remains a challenge 25 years later
J. Portolés
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:599-603
Special originals
Reinventing specialty training of physicians? Principles and challenges
Miembros de la Junta Directiva de la Sociedad de Educación Médica de Euskadi., Jesús Morán-Barrios, Pilar Ruiz de Gauna Bahillo
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:604-12
Short reviews
BK virus-associated Nephropathy
D. Burgos, C. Jironda, M. Martín, M. González-Molina, D. Hernández
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:613-7
Type 2 sodium-glucose cotransporter (SGLT2) inhibitors: from familial renal glucosuria to the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus
G. Pérez López, O. González Albarrán, M. Cano Megías
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:618-25
Morbidity and Mortality in Diabetic Patients on Peritoneal Dialysis. Twenty-five Years of Experience at a Single Centre
Francisco Coronel, F. Coronel, Secundino Cigarrán, S. Cigarrán, Jose Antonio Herrero, J.A. Herrero
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:626-32
Renal immunoexpression of ghrelin is attenuated in human proliferative glomerulopathies
M. Danilewicz, Marian Danilewicz, M. Wagrowska-Danilewicz, Malgorzata Wagrowska-Danilewicz
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:633-8
Pentosan polysulfate sodium prevents kidney morphological changes and albuminuria in rats with Type 1 diabetes
Yaira Mathison Natera, , Hector José Finol, , Zaida Quero, , Roschman González
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:639-45
Treatment of uraemic anorexia with megestrol acetate
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:646-52
Decreased glomerular filtration rate as calculated by the Cockckroft-Gault and MDRD formulas does not always predict cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in hypertensive patients treated in primary care
Francisco Javier Tovillas-Morán, Miguel Vilaplana-Cosculluela, Artur Dalfò-Pibernat, Artur Dalfó-Pibernat, Edurne Zabaleta-del-Olmo, Josep María Galcerán, Antonio Coca, ... Antoni Dalfó-Baqué
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:653-60
Insulin resistance in chronic kidney disease: its clinical characteristics and prognostic significance
Francisco Caravaca, , Isis Cerezo, , Rosa Macías, , Elena García de Vinuesa
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:661-8
Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders in renal transplantation: two decades of experience
A. Franco, L. Jiménez, C. Sillero, M. Trigueros, D. González, E. Alcaraz, J. Olivares
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:669-75
Short originals
Scientific Presentations at the meetings of the Spanish Pediatric Nephrology Association (AENP), 1988-2007
Luis Miguel Rodríguez Fernández, , Verónica Recio Pascual, , Marta Fernández Fernández, , María Rosón Varas
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:676-80
Case reports
B-cell lymphoma of MALT involving the kidney and monoclonal gammopathy: a case report with revision of the literature
R. Peces, C. Vega-Cabrera, C. Peces, A. Pobes, M.F. Fresno
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:681-6
Research protocols
Clinical and genetic basis of hypertensive nephrosclerosis

Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:687-97
Letters to the editor - brief papers about basic research or clinical experiences
Cadaveric donor procurement units faced with living donation
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:698-9
Internal jugular vein access in a semi-seated position for catheterisation to enable haemodialysis in orthopnoeic patients
R. Karatanasopuloz, V. Balbuena, M. Paiz, G. Levy, C. Martín
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:699-700
Letters to the editor - brief case reports
Granulomatous interstitial nephritis in the absence of extrarenal sarcoid
M. Cuxart, M. Picazo, R. Sans Lorman, M.J. Muntané
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:701-2
Acute phosphate nephropathy after bowel cleansing: still a menace
P. Santos, A. Branco, S. Silva, A. Paiva, J. Baldaia, J. Maximino, A. Loureiro, R. Henrique
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:702-4
Paravirus B19 infection: diagnosing and treating a kidney transplant patient
L.R. León, D. Curcio, D. Casadei
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:704
Disseminated tuberculosis with splenic abscessesduring haemodialysis
B. Moragrega, R. Dolz, I. López Alejandre, A. Núñez Sánchez
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:704-6
Cocaine use, high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease
M. Picazo Sánchez, M. Cuxart Pérez, F. Martín Romero, R. Sans Lorman
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:706-7
Delayed spontaneous rupture of the kidney graft
J. Kanter Berga, C. Cáceres Borrero, T. Ripollés González, A. Ávila Bernabeu, E. Gavela Martínez, L. Pallardó Mateu
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:707-9
Coexistence of anti-GBM antibodies and MPO-ANCA in a patient with systemic vasculitis and crescentic glomerulonephritis
P. Fernandes, J.A. Lopes, L. Correia, S. Gonçalves, S. Jorge
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:709-10
Treatment with rituximab for a patient with p-ANCA glomerulonephritis, alveolar bleeding and multiple relapses during haemodialysis
M.A. Azancot, I. Agraz Pamplona, J. Fort Ros, A. Marín Valencia, I. Gil Carballeira, J. Camps Domenech
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:710-2
Kidney failure and diabetis. Diagnostic inertia?
R. Blanco García, J.J. Bravo López, A. Pérez, M. Moreiras Plaza
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:712-3
In memory
In memory of Professor Saulo Klahr
E.J. Fernández Ruiz, Evaristo J Fernández Ruiz
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:714
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