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Vol. 30. Issue. 5.
September 2010
Pages 487-598
Analysis of the advantages of peritoneal dialysis in the treatment of chronic refractory heart failure
J.E. Sánchez, C. Rodríguez, I. González, A. Fernández-Viña, M. Núñez, B. Peláez
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:487-9
Editorial comments
Ultrasound-guided renal biopsy
M. Rivera Gorrin
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:490-2
Special originals
CKD Staging-evolution not revolution
C.G. Winearls, R. Haynes, R. Glassock
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:493-500
Short reviews
Epidemiology of chronic kidney disease in Spanish paediatric population. REPIR II Project
REPIR II Contributing Centers, Centros participantes en el REPIR II, R. Areses Trapote, M.J. Sanahuja Ibáñez, M. Navarro
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:508-17
Expression of epidermal growth factor receptor in renal biosy from patients with adolescent nephronophthisis
Ana E. Ramírez, Carmen Fernández, Daniel Narváez, Luis Teneud
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:518-21
Phosphorus binders: preferences of patients on haemodialysis and its impact on treatment compliance and phosphorus control
María Dolores Arenas, Tamara Malek, Fernando Álvarez-Ude, María Teresa Gil, Analía Moledous, Abilio Reig-Ferrer
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:522-30
Acute renal failure due to multiple stings by Africanized bees. Report on 43 cases
Gonzalo Mejía Vélez, G. Mejía Vélez
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:531-8
Complications associated with percutaneous renal biopsy in Spain, 50 years later
K. Toledo, M.J. Pérez, M. Espinosa, J. Gómez, M. López, D. Redondo, R. Ortega, P. Aljama
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:539-43
Loss of weight in hemodialysis patients after hospitalisation is related with length of stay and degree of inflamation
F.J. Borrego Utiel, P. Segura Torres, M.P. Pérez del Barrio, P. Serrano Ángeles, M.C. Sánchez Perales, M.J. Garía Cortés, V. Pérez Bañasco
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:557-66
Short originals
Relationship between kidney size and blood pressure profile in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease without renal failure
L. Sans Atxer, A. Roca-Cusachs, R. Torra, F. Calero, P. Arias, J. Ballarin, P. Fernández-Llama
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:567-72
Have we forgotten the most important thing to prevent bacteremias associated with tunneled hemodialysis catheters?
M. Albalate, R. Pérez García, P. de Sequera, R. Alcázar, M. Puerta, M. Ortega, A. Mossé, E. Crespo
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:573-7
The increase of the pulse wave velocity is not associated with elevation of central blood pressure in hypertension
M.A. Gómez Marcos, J.I. Recio Rodríguez, E. Rodríguez Sánchez, M.C. Patino Alonso, L. Gómez Sánchez, L. García Ortiz
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:578-83
Case reports
Goodpasture´s syndrome with neurologic involvement and negative ANCA
G. Pérez-Suárez, D. Marrero, R. Rodríguez, P. Delgado, M. Cobo, J.M. González-Posada, D. Hernández
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:584-7
Letters to the editor - comments on published articles
The risks of digoxin in the elderly
M. Pujal Herranz, D. Soy Muner, S. Nogué Xarau
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:588-9
Letters to the editor - brief papers about basic research or clinical experiences
Importance of exit site care as peritonitis prophylaxis: experience in our centre
O. Conde Rivera, J. Santos Nores, M. Borrajo Prol, C. Pérez Melón
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:589-91
Ochrobactrum anthropi and polymicrobial peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis: a resistance predictor
E. Quintela Obregón, R. Palomar Fontanet, C. Salas, E. Rodrigo Calabia, M. Arias Rodríguez
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:591-2
Letters to the editor - brief case reports
HT-pre-eclampsiapostpartum haemolyticuraemic syndrome: good results can be achieved
J. Santos Nores, J.J. Bravo López, M.P. Borrajo Prol, A. Iglesias Forneiro
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:593-4
Hydrothorax in peritoneal dialysis: a rare peritonitis complication
V. Oviedo Gómez, L. Sánchez García, P. Martín Escuer, E. Hernández García, J. Martín Gago, F. Sousa Pérez, J.M. Monfá Bosch
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:594-5
Membranous glomerulonephritis secondary to Hashimoto's thyroiditis
C. Ruiz-Zorrilla López, B. Gómez Giralda, A. Rodrigo Parra, A. Molina Miguel
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:595-6
"Horseshoe kidney", renal adenocarcinoma and nephrotic syndrome
F. Rivera, G. Caparrós, C. Vozmediano, M. Bennouna, S. Anaya, M.D. Sánchez de la Nieta, M. García Rojo, J. Blanco
Nefrologia (English Version). 2010;30:596-8
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